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08.02.22/3 Short-Eared Owls and other birds at dusk. Cuckmere Haven.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

After I finished my walk form Iford to Newhaven on Tuesday 08.02.22, I hopped on an 12X bus, got off at the Seven Sisters Country Park visitors centre at Exceat and walked down the Cuckmere to Cuckmere Haven. I visit Cuckmere Haven frequently as I love the estuary and its birds

This is one of three posts of the birds I saw on Tuesday 08.02.22. The others are:

Seeing a Short-Eared Owl again was a real pleasure; there is information about breeding and migration patterns of Short-Eared Owls in this previous post: Cuckmere Haven. Short-Eared Owl. 07.01.22

A Pied Wagtail, at the bus stop in Newhaven. There is nature everywhere.

Birds seen in Cuckmere Haven: Short-Eared Owl, Redshanks, Black-Headed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Little Grebes, Teal, Shelducks, Magpies, Carrion Crows, Stonechats, Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Rock Pipits.

Near the bottom of the concrete track that runs down the east side of the valley, as it turns up to Foxhole Farm, I saw a Short-Eared Owl again.

A Little Egret on one of the southern scrapes by the river

Herring Gulls on the banks of the river

A Redshank in one of the scrapes

A Little Egret flying over the Cuckmere Valley

Another Redshank in the oxbow lake

Two Shelducks in the oxbow lake

The Short-Eared Owl again

A Little Egret spooked by the Short-Eared Owl while the owl is hunting for rodents


Little Egret

Little Grebe (there were 5 in the Oxbow Lake)

The sun sets over Seaford Head

Black-Headed Gulls


A male Stonechat



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