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An early evening walk. Butterflies and Birds at Devils Dyke. 07.07.22

I went to the Devil's Dyke for an evening walk. I got to the Devil's Dyke on the 77 bus from central Brighton. The sun was low in the sky but still bright; and it lit up the wild plants, birds and butterflies in a golden hue.

Small Skipper

Pair of Marble Whites (female above make)

A pair of Dark Green Fritillaries

Dark Green Fritillary on Knapweed

Rosebay Willow Herb


Large Skipper on Lady's Bedstraw

Meadow Pipit


Dark Green Fritillary

Grass and Field Scabious

Female Meadow Brown


Meadow Pipit

Male Marbled White


Male Stonechat

Female Stinechat

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar on Yellow Ragwort

Filed Scabious

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