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Birds and Butterflies. Devil's Dyke & Castle Hill National Nature Reserve. 17.06.22

This is a record of the photos I took on two locations on 17.96.22. First I went to the bottom of the Devil's Dyke with friends, and got a lift there in a friends car. Later in the day I went for a short walk to Castle Hill, near Woodingdean. To get there I took the 2 bus, then walked up the Falmer Road to the entrance to Castle Hill off the track called Norton Drive, which runs parallel with Bexhill Road. I walked north to south through Castle Hill and continues along the footbath that runs past the ruins of Ballsdean, and then up over the down on the path than becomes Bazehill Road. I took the 2 bus back home from the Bazehill Road stop. 2 - Steyning-Rottingdean | Brighton & Hove Buses

Birds seen and photographed:

Devils Dyke: Stonechats, Buzzard

Castle Hill: Stonechats, Corn Bunting, Meadow Pipits, Buzzard

Butterflies seen and photographed:

Devils' Dyke: Large Skipper, Dark Green Fritillary, Common Blue

Castle Hill: Marbled Whites , Meadow Browns, Common Blues, Dingy Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady

Devil's Dyke (National Trust)

Large Skipper

Dark Green Fritillary

Large Skipper

Female Stonechat

Male Stonechat

Common Blue

Common Spotted Orchids

Castle Hill National Nature Reserve (Nature England)

Meadow Brown

Marbled White

Common Blue

Dingy Skipper

Corn Bunting

Male Stonechat

Common Spotted Orchids

Meadow Brown


Chewing the Cud

Meadow Pipit

Small Tortoiseshell - Ballsdean

Painted Lady - Bazehill Road


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Unknown member
Jul 07, 2022

Hi Sim

Great article, heading to DD this weekend. Whereabouts roughly, were the DGF ? Was hoping for MW but Fritillaries would be a bonus 😃👍

all the best

Steve A in Norfolk

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