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Birds in Brooklands Park, Worthing; highlight: Swallows. 10.04.21

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I visited Brooklands from 15.10 to16.20 on a cold and drizzly Saturday; the last time I had been there was on 30.11.20. This is what I saw. This is not a complete list of every bird I saw during this visit but a casual list of birds that drew my attention.

Black-Headed Gulls (in various states of transformation from Winter to Summer Plumage)

Coots, nesting.

Here is the Coot above, nesting, rearranging her nest:

Swallows. The swallows continuously flew in circles catching insects, when I first saw them they were circling the field (of grass) next to the lake; later in my visit they circled over the lake and catching insect on the wind on the wing.

Herring Gulls.

Brown Rat. (Not a bird!)



Mute Swans

Moorhens. One of the Moorhens spent a lot of time collecting desiccated leaves and passing them to his/her partner in their nest, who arranged them in the nest.






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