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Friston Forest, Friston Gallops and Lullington Heath. Butterflies & Birds. 14.06.22

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

I travelled to Exceat (Seven Sisters Country Park) by 12 bus, see 12 - Eastbourne-Brighton | Brighton & Hove Buses. From there, I walked through Friston Forest (mostly beach tress, planted in the 1930s/40s) to Friston Gallops (an area of unimproved short grass downland). Then walked to Lullington Heath Natural Nature Reserve,

Lullington Heath NNR lies on the South Downs between the villages of Jevington and Litlington. The 62 hectare Reserve is nationally important and was established in 955 to conserve one of the largest areas of chalk heath remaining in Britain. Chalk heath only occurs where, by the remotest of chances, acid soils have been deposited on the alkaline chalk, allowing acid loving plants to grow together with these of the chalk. Chalk heath covers just under a third of the Reserve. Elsewhere, bushes, chalk grassland and valley grassland form a patchwork across the site. Over 250 types of plant grow here. More than 98 types of bird have been seen, 50 of which nest on the Reserve, and 34 butterflies are listed amongst the hundreds of types of insects known to be present. Badgers and foxes do well on the Reserve, as do other small mammals such as rabbit, stoat, weasel and several types of mouse, vole and shrew. Lullington Heath National Nature Reserve; Nature walks - NE362 (

From Lullington Heath I walked back down to the Seven Sisters Country Park Visitors Centre via West Dean, and caught the 12 bus back to Brighton


These photos are grouped by butterfly species seen (alphabetically), not presented chronologically

Friston Gallops

Adonis Blue

Cinnabar Moth

Common Blue

Female Common Blue/possibly Brown Argos

Large Skipper

Meadow Brown

Painted Lady

Red Admiral

Small Skipper

Small Copper

Small Tortoiseshell

Speckled Wood

Plants. Birds and Views

Presented chronologically

Friston Forest

Path through the woods

Common Agrimony

Hedge Woundwort

Juvenile Buzzard in a Beech Tree

Large Skipper on Bird's-Foot Trefoil

Friston Gallops

Linnet on Elder

View of the Gallops

Friston Forest (on the way to Lullington Heath)

A type of Willow Herb (a non native plant)


Bird Vetch

Path to Lullington Heath - chalk grassland and planted forest

Dog Rose

Chaffinch in Lichen covered tree


Blackthorn with Cow Parsnip growing through it

Sheep (conservation grazing) and Gorse


Grassland and view of the north facing escarpment of the South Downs

Path back to West Dean, Elders

Looking from near West Dean to Lullington Heath (beyond the trees of Friston Forest)



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