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Fulmars - Observation 9 (02/02/2021)

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

11.00-11.15 & 16.30-17.00

Weather: Temp: 12 C; wind 25 mph SW. Intermittent rain.



I saw a pair of Fulmars perched on nest site 250 m east of the Marina again. This is the third time I have seen Fulmars =at this location (about 800m from the main colony further east, at Ovingdean).

At the main site (Ovingdean) of the colony I saw ca. 12 birds, mostly flying on and off the cliffs for short flights, with one bird seen perched on a nest site


In the Near Marina Site I saw three Fulmars engaged in interesting behaviour (see video below). It's not pair bonding, as there are three birds. Is it possible that the two Fulmars on the left are last year's progeny of the Fulmar on the right, and they are repeating a "give me food" signal. Before this video, the two left birds were on their own, and then the third (right) bird joined them. I saw no exchange of food; just a lot of excitement when the third bird joined them. (UPDATE 05/02/21: after consulting with an ornithologist friend, we think this may have been pair bonding with a second male possibly muscling in on an existing paring).


Near Marina Site - AM

Is this pair-bonding behaviour?

Main Ovingdean Site - PM

Near Marina Site - PM



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