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JNCC UK Biodiversity Action Plan UK Priority Species - seen in Sussex in 2023

These are the species I saw on the JNCC UK Biodiversity Action Plan UK lists (last updated 2007). These are the species conservation organisations, local authorities and the government should all be focussing on. The full list can be found here: UK BAP List of UK Priority Species | JNCC Resource Hub

I have not given the location of Phyteuma spicatum, Spiked Rampion; as its is now very rare and highly vulnerable to theft.

Clinopodium acinos ,Basil-Thyme, Castle Hill

Juniperus communis Common Juniper Levin Down

Monotropa hypopitys, Yellow Bird's-Nest, Friston Forest

Phyteuma spicatum, Spiked Rampion

Dumortiera hirsuta, Dumortier's Liverwort Fairlight Glen

Cupido minimus. Small Blue Castle Hill

Erynnis tages, Dingy Skipper Castle Hill

Hipparchia semele Grayling

Cinnabar Moth, Tyria jacobaeae Cinnabar Moth



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