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Lancing Ring Nature Reserve. Butterflies & Birds. 11.07.22

Lancing Ring Nature Reserve, is north of Lancing. I reached it by catching a bus to Shoreham, and then walking up the Adur estuary, crossing the Adur at the old Toll Bridge, continuing along the Old Shoreham Road until it meets the A27 Shoreham Bypass; where there is a pedestrian crossing over the dual carriageway. From the other side of the road I walked up the footpath that start in the grounds of Lancing College and goes up the hill to Lancing Ring.

For details of Lancing Ring see the Friends of Lancing Ring's website: Friends of Lancing Ring | Your local nature conservation group (

The path to Lancing Ring

Large White

Speckled Wood

Female Marbled White on Knapweed

Marbled White and Buff-Tailed Knapweed


same Gatekeeper


Meadow Brown


Speckled Wood

Gatekeeper on Bramble

Small Skipper on Knapweed

Silver Washed Fritillary on Buddleia

The Buddleia on which the Silver Washed Fritillaries

Common Blue


Small Skipper on bramble

Large White

Marbled White on Knapweed

Small Skipper on Field Scabious


Speckled Wood


Common Darter

Common Blue on White Clover

the above Common Blue

Common Blue of Red Clover

Path back to Lancing College

Speckled Wood

Female Pheasant

Cat Hedge

Lancing College



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