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Skylarks! A brief stroll round Beacon Hill Local Nature Reserve, Rottingdean. 23.06.22

At the moment I am staying at my other's house, following her having surgery, so it is not currently possible for me to make longer journeys. On my mother's doorstep is the Beacon Hill Local Nature Reserve. I made a 45 minute visit there today.

Meadow Brown

Marbled Wood

Smooth Beadstraw


Common Carpet Moth

Beacon Hill Windmill


Lady's Bedstraw


With insect, so must be feeding chicks; adults eat seed and leaves

Skylark Singing

The numbers of Skylarks are a tribute to the sheep, volunteer sheep lookerers, the council park rangers and the voluntary friends of Beacon Hill who have restored the hill, by grazing and scrub clearance, to a beautiful downland meadow, full of wild flowers that attract the insects that are fed to the chicks, and lots of butterflies and moths.



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