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Steyning Downland Scheme. 17 species of Butterflies, 3 Moths, 1 Grasshopper, and a Leaf! 28.07.22

Steyning Downland Scheme is a marvellous project at promoting Butterfly diversity. For further information see Home | Steyning Downland Scheme. I recodred what I saw last time I visited here: Steyning Downlands Scheme: a Marsh Tit, a Dingy Skipper and a Grey Wagtail. 05.07.22 ( It was easy to reach by bus number 2 from Brighton (an hourly service, and an hour trip from central Brighton to Steyning). 2 - Steyning-Rottingdean | Brighton & Hove Buses

Speckled Wood - path to reserve

Rifle Range

Brimstone on Teasel

Another Brimstone on Spear Thistle

Gatekeeper on Bramble

Gatekeeper on Grass

Holly Blue on Bramble


Meadow Brown on poo!

The leaf I initially thought from a distance was a Brown Hairstreak


Common Carpet Moth

Meadow Brown on Wild Marjoram

Female Dark Green Fritillary

Brown Argos


Meadow Brown in Wild Marjoram

Six-Spot Burnett on Wild Marjoram

Ringlet on Wild Marjoram

Small Tortoiseshell

Red Admiral on Wild Marjoram

Wall Brown

Meadow Brown on Wild Marjoram

Marbled White on Wild Marjoram

Common Blue on Wild Marjoram

Small Copper on dung

Meadow Brown on Wild Marjoram

Tatty Common Blue

Female Common Blue

Female Meadow Brown

Common Blue

Gatekeeper on Wild Marjoram

Painted Lady on Spear Thistle

Clouded Yellow on Ragwort

Wall Brown on Wild Marjoram

Common Blue om Horseshoe Vetch

Meadow Brown on Knapweed

In the woods


Yellow Shell Moth


Another Ringlet

Hare Bells

Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood - I could still fly.

Small White




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