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Wild Flowers. Ditchling Beacon & Mount Caburn. 31.05.22

Ditchling Beacon

The north-facing scrape of Ditchling Beacon is a very good location for wild flowers. This area is part of the Ditchling Beacon Nature Reserve, see: Ditchling Beacon | Sussex Wildlife Trust There is a diagonal path (a bostal), almost parallel with the Ditchling Beacon path, which offers great views of wild flowers, especially in the ditch next to the bostal

On the top of the Beacon there were many Skylarks

Caterpillar (moth?)


Fragrant Orchid and Kidney Vetch

Fragrant Orchids

Common Spotted Orchid

Fragrant Orchids and Bird's-Foot Trefoil

St John's Vetch

Common Spotted Orchid

Fragrant Orchids

Common Spotted Orchid

Lacewing Species


Orchids and wildflowers n the field behind the carpark

Mount Caburn


View from Mount Caburn, Lewes Brooks

Flowers in Caburn Bottom


Crosswort, aka Smooth Bedstraw

Burnet Companion Moth

Fragrant Orchid

Mother Shipton Moth

Fragrant Orchid

Yellow Rattle

Corn Bunting



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