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Winter Suite: the species and landscape of Seaford Head and Cuckmere Haven at dusk. 08.12.22

I took the 12 bus from Brighton to Seaford Library, then walked to the beach and walked over Seaford Head Seaford Head | Sussex Wildlife Trust. At Hope Gap I walked up the gap to the path that goes down to the Coastguard Cottages. I then walk up the Cuckmere Haven Cuckmere Valley | Sussex | National Trust on the west river path. I caught the 12 Back t Brighton from the Seven Sister Park Centre stop 12 - Eastbourne-Brighton | Brighton & Hove Buses

Splash Point, Seaford



Burdock head

Crows on the cliff.

Crows over the cliffs.

Male Stonechat

The beach at Hope Gap

Barnacles on Hope Gap beach

Bivalve Fossil (cretaceous)

Maritime Sunburst Lichen

Tufted Bush Lichen

The Gate to Nowhere

The Seven Sisters, Birling Gap and the Belle Tout lighthouse, setting for the shooting of the The Life and Loves of a She-Devil in the 1970s, since then moved back from the edge by 200m

The pools and oxbow lakes on the west side of the Cuckmere Valley

Seven Sisters and Coastguard Cottages


Little Egret

Shaggy Inkcap



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