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An afternoon at Widewater Lagoon, Shoreham/Lancing

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

It was a dark and gloomy afternoon at Whitewater; but the usual birds were there: Little Egrets; Cormorants; Swans, Herons; Turnstones; Crows, and Herring Gulls. Connecting with nature and photographing some familiar species, and possibly some familiar individual birds (the Grey Heron?) was a boost to my well-being in the continuing dark and gloomy days of the second covid-19 lockdown. Birders often look for novelty; new species, unusual varieties; and it is exciting seeing something new - but I am happy seeing the same species, even really common species, as there always something beautiful to see: a new pose, the effect of today's wind on a birds feathers. House Sparrows, Herring gulls, Starlings - all beautiful; you don't need to be an unusual bird to make me feel good.



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