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Fulmars - Observation 7 (24/01/2021)

Updated: May 16, 2021

Early Afternoon 13.00 - 13.45

Weather: 2 C; 10 mph northerly wind; sun; rising tide

Total number of Fulmars seen: 1


I saw this Fulmar (same bird in both pictures) settle on a site two beaches east of the Marina. I have never before seen Fulmars between the Marina and Ovingdean, I saw no other Fulmars at any point along the cliff. I have only seen Fulmars between Ovingdean and Rottingdean before. I am unsure if this is a solitary bird perched here randomly, or whether the colony is extending toward the east


Late Afternoon 16.30 - 17.00

Weather: 1 C; 10 mph northerly wind; sun/dusk; rising tide

Total number of Fulmars seen: ca. 12


I saw ca. 12 Fulmars flying out to see, coming from above the cliffs to the north east and flying south west (appearing to by flying toward the setting sun). On other obsessions (afternoon before sunset) I have only seen the Fulmars make small circular flights out to the see and back again to the cliffs. Were they off for longer feeding trips?

I looked at the cliffs and could only see three birds one the cliffs, two perched in the same spot, and a single bird on its own

The following photographs are of the same bird.

One of the above birds flying out to sea



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