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What do birds do in Queen's Park?

Friday was a grim day; overcast and cold. I lacked the energy to cycle to to one of my usual nature haunts (Shoreham Harbour/Widewater Lagoon; Goring Gap or Cuckmere Haven). I nearly didn't go out at all, as I was very lacking in motivation. But I decided to go local - to my local park, Queen's Park; 10 minutes walk away. There is a pond in Queen's Park that has Mute Swans and Domestic Geese and Herring Gulls (lots); nothing "special". I had no expectations of what I would see. But I became transfixed by watching ordinary birds doing their ordinary things! I took my time, and observed a few birds for a long time; every bird does interesting things if you wait and watch.

Stretch (Graylag Goose)

Waddle and Hiss (Domestic Geese)

Preen (Mute Swan)

Eat grass (Domestic Goose)

Be watched by interested Grey Squirrels



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